The Murphy Renegade

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Photo Credit - Russ Heinl; Heinl Aerial Photography

If your preference is for the classic or antique look, but you’d also like some modern performance numbers, the Renegade is ideal. If you think you would enjoy following rivers in an open cockpit airplane and throwing yourself through an occasional loop or roll, the Renegade should be perfect. If you want a rugged biplane that goes together quickly, costs less than any other aerobatic biplane kit out there, and that has proven itself in the hands of hundreds of other builders, the Renegade is perfect. With a simple and conventional control system, a beefy aluminum fuselage and wing structure, a strong landing gear, and a leisurely 75-85 mph cruise, the Renegade line is the perfect compromise of fun, thrift, thrills, and safety.

The Renegade Spirit

The Renegade can be purchased as plans only or in a quick build kit form. It features the Rotax 582 engine, and a smooth sided cowl. Weights for the Renegade Spirit run 420 to 520 pounds. Forward of the Spirit firewall there can be a Rotax 582 (65 hp.), or if you prefer four cycle, a Rotax 912 (80-100 hp.). The Spirit also features the nostalgic look of the rounded bump cowling that made antique aircraft like the Monocoupe famous. Depending on where you live, both versions of the Renegade might qualify for ultralight aircraft status.

Renegade Airframe

The structure of the Renegade is a blend of old and new technology, it is a conventional strut and wire braced biplane of fabric covered all metal construction. Under the Poly-Fiber fabric you will find an aluminum truss fuselage that utilizes 6061-T6 aluminum tubing mated with a unique, custom designed extrusion. All fuselage members are blind-riveted with AVEX and stainless steel rivets. The larger diameter tubes provide a fuselage with very high strength and rigidity while maintaining light weight. A fuselage of equivalent strength and rigidity, but welded from 4130 steel would weigh more than twice as much. Because the structure is a blind riveted one, rather than welded, it is very easy for even an inexperienced person to check for structural integrity and make any necessary repairs. The use of square tubing wherever possible provides maximum contact between riveted parts as well as increasing bending strength.

All quick build kits feature assembled fuselage frames which are fabricated in precision jigs at the Murphy factory. If you opt for a quick build kit you do not need special jigs to build any Murphy design.

The tail assembly is wire braced for the strongest possible structure with minimum weight. Doublers and crush tubes are used at all wire attach points. The doublers are used to increase bearing surface while the crush tubes allow the correct tightening of bolts without over stressing the tube structure. The tail group is made of aluminum tubes and channels that have an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio. Assembly is a simple matter of laying out the materials over full scale drawings that are provided for all the flying surfaces.

Renegade on grass Renegade view

Renegade Wings

The wings of the Renegade biplane are the most impressive parts of the aircraft. Both wings are constant chord NACA 23012 Aerofoil sections. Sweepback of 10 degrees on the upper wing only. Dihedral of 3 degrees on lower wing. Angle of incidence for both wings is 4 degrees. Front spars of rectangular 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" extruded 6061-T6 aluminum tubing; rear spars of C section 6061-T6 aluminum alloy; stamped aluminum ribs are used with an aluminum sheet leading edge, giving smooth, firm shape to the wing. Durable interplane "I" struts and stainless flying/landing wires provide incredible strength and rigidity in the wings. Standard wing tips are made from pre-formed aluminum tubes with fibreglass wing tips optional. Wing area is 153.8 square feet, which can be expanded to 170.4 square feet with optional wing tip extensions, for those countries requiring lower wing loading.


Renegade on grassAll controls except for the rudder utilize push-pull tubes with rod end bearings, which provides precise and immediate response to control inputs. Rudder controls are standard aircraft quality stainless steel cables. Ailerons are built similar to small wings. A "D" cell built up from stamped ribs, pre-formed spar and leading edge provides a very strong but light weight aileron. The ailerons are friese type and differentially rigged which provide very crisp response with little adverse yaw. Dual control sticks and rudder pedals are standard as are heel brakes in the rear cockpit.

Landing Gear

The landing gear of the Renegade is built to withstand a lot of abuse and rough handling. The shock cord (bungee) suspension system is one of the best ways to take those tough landings. The main struts of the aircraft landing gear are 6061-T6 square tubes with a wall thickness of 1/8". The drag struts are sleeved full length for extra security. Safety cables in the slide tubes ensure no major damage even in the event that a shock cord lets loose. In keeping with our goal that the Renegade should be repairable with a minimum quantity of tools and minimum skill level, the landing gear is an all bolted sub-assembly. The tail wheel is steerable and full swivel. High profile tires are available for providing extra prop clearance if you prefer to make landings on river beds or in open fields.


  • Two people in tandem in open cockpits.
  • Wind screen for front cockpit and head fairing behind rear cockpit.
  • Baggage compartment with 25 lb. capacity can be incorporated into the fuselage in front of the cockpit.
  • All models are standard with dual controls.

Aircraft Covering

The Poly-Fiber Aircraft Covering process utilizes a heat shrink fabric which is extremely strong, yet lightweight. There are a number of distinct advantages to using the Polyfiber system:

  • Extremely high bonding strength to polyester filaments
  • No dimensional change with aging
  • No reduction in flexibility or elasticity with aging
  • Easy to repair damage

Polyfiber coatings and fabric chemicals are extremely high quality and are ideally suited to this type of fabric. Each type of chemical has a specific advantage and use in the covering process:

  • POLYTAK - high strength fabric cement
  • POLYBRUSH - Fabric weave sealant
  • POLYSPRAY - Blocks all UV radiation from reaching the fabric or causing any deterioration
  • POLYFIBER REDUCER - used to thin covering chemicals

POLYTONE - Quality aircraft paint Poly-Fiber fabric is provided with the Renegade kits along with a complete covering and painting manual. By following outlined procedures and using these products, a builder can finish with a beautiful aircraft which will not need recovering for many years.

Power Plants

Murphy Aircraft’s standard engine packages use the Rotax 582 (65 horsepower 2-stroke) engines and the Rotax 4-stroke 912. This liquid cooled four cylinder, 4-stroke engine produces 80-100 horsepower. We have chosen these engines for their light weight, availability of parts and dependability. Rotax has been the standard of the light plane industry for many years. On our 1987 tour of the United States, our factory aircraft was outfitted with the Rotax 532 liquid cooled engine. By the end of the tour over 115 hours of air time and 5300 air miles had been logged (many over rough terrain). Our pilot reported that other than a few minor adjustments the performance was flawless.

High Quality Construction Methods

When purchasing an airplane, one of the most important things pilots are concerned with is the structural integrity of the craft. They like to know that they are flying a strong and safe machine they can trust. When comparing aircraft in this regard, the tale is told by the materials and construction methods.

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. is proud to present one of the strongest and most structurally sound flying machines on the market today. By using aircraft quality materials and excellent fabrication methods, we have designed and built an aircraft which surpasses anything of similar weight and characteristics.

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Renegade on grass Renegade view