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Re-introducing the Murphy Rebel Sport !

     The original Rebel design was a delightful Light Sport Aircraft, almost 20 years ago, well before the LSA category was introduced. Since many people have forgotten, we are here to remind you that the Rebel Sport is a great choice for an 'experimental that meets LSA requirements' homebuilt that will allow you all the pleasures of Sport Pilot flying.

     The Rebel Sport is a fun flying, two seat STOL aircraft capable of operating from wheels, floats, or skis, featuring all metal construction. Pre-formed and pre-punched parts make for easy, straightforward construction, with no need for jigs.

     Combining the looks of popular classics from the 1940’s  with modern technology for performance and safety, the Rebel Sport offers pilots and passengers roomy transportation to the airfields, river banks, lake shores, ski slopes, back country, and islands in recreation country. What a great way to tour the Southwest or Northeast! What fun for exploring the Florida keys, the San Juan Islands, or the vast expanses of Canada. How about a trip to both coasts ?!